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The ROOM is excited to bring you highly skilled talent from across the globe — rigorously vetted and trained freelance financial analysts.

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Ideal for small businesses or specific projects.

About Our Talent

The ROOM is part of the African Leadership Group, which has selected, trained, and connected thousands of high-performing talent to the world’s most rigorous employers over the last 17 years.

We have partnered with the prestigious Canadian Corporate Finance Institute to train and certify our talent as Financial Modeling and Valuation Analysts (FMVA) (R) and Business Intelligence and Data Analysts (BIDA) (R). Our talent comprises only the top 5% of applicants. In addition to these industry-recognized certifications, they have also undergone assessments of soft skills such as reliability, integrity, and a proactive attitude.

Financial Modeling

Our analysts create dynamic financial tools that reflect your unique business. These models can help you better analyze your operations, and evaluate different scenarios to chart the best path forward.

Intuitive Dashboards

Get intuitive and easy-to-use dashboards to analyze and present your data. Use these dashboards to evaluate your Key Performance Indicators and keep your team on track.

Investor Reporting

Analysts accurately report your financial and business position to various stakeholders, such as shareholders. From financial statements to investor presentations, we’ve got you covered.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Spend less time tracking money, and more time making it. Outsourced financial analysts can prepare budgets, track versus actual, and develop easy to digest financial forecasts.

The ROOM’s outsourced financial analysts uncover business insights to help you make better business decisions, reduce your costs, and gain visibility into your financial operations.

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 40 hours per week
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Perfect way to add flexible talent to your Finance team.

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 Custom solutions
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Need more than one person? Build a bespoke team of analysts with different skills based on your needs.

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Financial Support Services

From liquidity and cash flow management down to detailed spend analysis, turbo charge your finance team with our support. Offload spend data analysis, financial reporting, and more.

Trusted by small businesses, startups, and enterprises.

  • Investor relations

  • Market research

  • Go To Market planning

  • Business valuations